Promo Code for Nutrisystem: This Diet is the Real Deal and Cost is Low

‘Weight loss diets can be fun’. I know, I didn’t buy it the first time I heard this about Nutrisystem either. And I have to say, I was happy to be proved wrong.

Before I go further on my weight loss story, let me tell you about Nutrisystem promo codes and the Nutrisystem cost.

Nutrisystem Promo Code

These codes are not that hard to come by. The best part is that they offer very deep discounts on the foods available in Nutrisystem’s catalog.

The best way to get a promo code for Nutrisystem is to subscribe to their mailing list. You will then receive an email with a $30 off coupon code for your next purchase.

Also, if you stay on the Nutrisystem site for a few minutes, and you browse the various pages, a window will popup offering you a $25 off coupon. Here is a snapshot of that window that I got recently:


One of the coupon codes for Nutrisystem can get you 40% off on every order you make, and entitle you to free bars and shakes. Another coupon offers $25 off on your first two orders as you use this weight loss program.

There are also similar Nutrisystem promotional offers. You can get the 40% discount and they will also throw in free bars, shakes and shipping. The $25 discount on the first two orders is also available, and it comes with free bars, shakes, and shipping.

The site is also offering other promotional codes. They include the free shaker that is offered to new sign ups. The site also has a coupon for a free diet analysis, which should help you start your weight loss journey using their products on the right foot.

Nutrisystem Cost

  • The Basic plan costs $257
  • The Core plan costs $276
  • The Uniquely Yours plan costs $318

Thankfully, the cost of Nutrisystem is not that high that I could not afford it. I joined the program and never looked back.

My Nutrisystem Review and Success Story

Weight loss has been a lifelong battle for me, and I did not expect that things would change anytime soon. Even less expected was that this battle would be won without following an excruciating diet plan.

But a friend suggested that Nutrisystem would do just that. After hearing about this diet plan from him, I immediately scoffed at the idea. For as long as I have known, losing weight has never been the outcome of a relaxed ‘normal’ diet plan. But I could not help noticing he was in better physical shape, having struggled with weight problems for quite a while himself.

But my assumption was that he was putting more hours in the gym, and I was spirited in my attempts to persuade him that this was the only reason he had lost weight. However, he was quite insistent that it was all Nutrisystem. I had no option but to give this diet plan a try as well, if only to prove her wrong.

I haven’t looked back ever since. The diet works; and I am proud that I have a healthy relationship with my favorite foods once again. I lost more than 3 pounds in my first two weeks. And more importantly, I can tell that my friends are not just being nice when they say “have you lost weight?” I can see that they honestly mean it. Especially because they are curious to know how I did it. Of course, I am more than happy to let them know how I got here – that Nutrisystem is my secret.

What I Love About Nutrisystem


Personally, the thing I love the most about the Nutrisystem diet is that the foods are not restrictive in any way. Don’t get me wrong – the foods are made using healthy ingredients because their purpose is to promote healthy weight. But still, they taste as good as  “normal” food. Eating pizza, cookies, and other delicacies will just be as gastronomically rewarding as the real-life alternatives.

Like me, many of the people I tell about Nutrisystem are skeptical of this system when they see that they can still have the foods that have been collectively labeled as unhealthy by the weight loss industry. So, I usually get questions on whether I am using some newly-invented weight loss pill or working out more. Of course, physical activity is important for weight loss. But the diet makes all the difference.

But I try to make sure they give Nutrisystem a chance, and most of those who have taken my advice have been excited to thank me later for directing them to what has clearly been the greatest breakthrough in their weight loss journeys. And to give them an extra nudge, I tell them about Nutrisystem coupon codes, which should lower the cost of this diet plan quite substantially.

I can honestly say I have never been more satisfied with my weight loss journey, having lost several pounds while also having my favorite foods. Nutrisystem has turned out to be the miracle that has finally made my weight loss dreams a reality, and that is why I am not afraid to recommend this system to anyone looking to attain similar fitness goals.

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