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Jack Andraka wins intel sceince fair 2012

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     Cancer is seen as a leading cause for death today. While more and more patients are succumbing to the inevitable end of hazardous treatments to fight cancer, medical professionals- young and old alike- are putting in lots of efforts to bring a cure to the table. One of these dedicated young professionals is Jack Andraka who has accomplished a great deal in pushing the medical community much closer to the finish line. He invented a dipstick like sensor that can accurately detect early stages of pancreatic, lung and ovarian cancers when he was only 15 years of age.

When one of his family friends succumbed to pancreatic cancer, Jack was only in ninth grade. The death however, had a very profound impact on him and he wanted to find a way to contribute in order to help fight against this deadly disease. After a lot of research, he realized that one of the reasons why cancer could often claim so many lives is because it is not easily detected. Quick, inexpensive screening tests are also lacking, which means that people often cannot catch this disease until it has already spread and matured to higher stages. [more...]

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