How Stress, High Fat Diets and Certain Medications Cause Obesity

A study has uncovered how fat accumulates in the body. The research was conducted by scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine in California.

Most people know that fat tends to accumulate in certain parts of the body. But what many people are yet to understand is why the fat keeps increasing in these body parts to the point of causing serious weight problems.

By the way, these body parts are called fat depots. As to how the fat accumulates, the scientists found that the fat cells that get stored there have small amounts of stem cells. These stem cells eventually change into fat cells as well, compounding the problem of fat accumulation until it eventually gets out of control for some people.

But mature fat cells had something to do with the transformation these stem cells experienced as they turned into fat cells. It turns out that mature fat cells produce ADAMTS1, a hormone that tells surrounding cells whether or not they should differentiate into cells that can store fat.

Furthermore, an increase in fatty diets and the use of glucocorticoid medications was shown to result in an increase in rate at which the ADAMTS1 hormone was formed in the body. In past studies, it has been shown that in addition to storing fat, mature fat cells also have the ability to send hormones that regulate metabolism.

The hormone was particularly critical in the formation of the visceral fat tissue, which is the fat that forms around internal organs. However, it did not result in increased formation of subcutaneous fat cells, which are the fat cells formed under the skin.

The team also looked at how natural and synthetic hormones caused increased weight. The researchers were able to arrive at the conclusion that stress usually leads to the formation of fat by transmitting a signal through the ADAMTS1 hormone that there may be lean times ahead. This in turn triggers the formation of more fat deposits.

The study also showed why childhood fat levels had such an impact on the risk of lifelong obesity. Fat is an important endocrine organ, and since it has been shown to play a major role in producing the hormones that regulate storage of fat, this research can help us understand with better clarity why some people have such a hard time shedding off their excess weight, even when they use a Nutrisystem discount code to join a clinically proven weight loss program.

However, the team was still cautiously optimistic about the potential of their new discovery. For instance, if the hormone implicated in fat formation could be blocked, the fat could end up being stored in worse places in the body such as the liver, which would be more dangerous. But the team is confident that its discovery will help in formulating solutions for dealing with the ever growing obesity epidemic.


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