Nutrisystem Results – Week 5 – 20 lbs Down

When I see other people experience weight loss with Nutrisystem, their Nutrisystem results motivate me to keep going. I have been following Mike’s Nutrisystem weight loss for a while. Today, he is giving us an update on week 5 on Nutrisystem.

He lost almost 3 pounds this week. He exercised only 3 days this week. His has been quite busy. He attended a funeral, and he also went to a hockey game. He did cheat a bit by eating some pizza and popcorn. One night we went out for dinner and he ate a burger. He also had sushi for lunch one day, as well.

He is planning to push it up the coming week (Week 6). He is planning on exercising every day on week 6, and also drink a lot of water. He knows the importance of drinking enough fluids. His clothes fit much better now, after losing all this weight. His pants were size 38, and now he needs a belt to wear them!

He is not even half way to where he wants to get in terms of weight loss. He has lost so far 20 pounds, and he continues to push toward his goal of losing 40 lbs. He weighs a little more than 230 lbs now.

Mike admits he has over-indulged once. But this doesn’t discourage him. Being on Nutrisystem doesn’t mean that you will never eat a piece of cake. The point is to practice portion control every time you eat. You also have to be mindful of what you eat, says Mike. You may think that getting 50 calories here and 100 calories there won’t hurt your Nutrisystem results, but the truth is, these small amounts of calories add up over the course of a week, and they can sabotage your weight loss. If you eat 500 calories more a day, you gain 1 pound a week! So, Mike is very happy he practices portion control. And he taps himself on the back for not eating pizza during that hockey game he attended recently. In the past, he used to eat a lot of pizza during the game, and that meal alone gave him thousands of calories every time.

His goal is to get below 230 lbs on Week 6.

Mike is enjoying the majority of the meals he gets from Nutrisystem. For snacks he eats shredded cheese with pretzels. He finds that the Nutrisystem apple pies are phenomenal– very tasty! He had chicken burger last night, and he says it was excellent. The red beans and rice has been his favorite meal.


He also enjoys his breakfasts. He had French toast today and pancakes, and he liked them a lot. He says that it’s important to make sure he adds vegetables every day, because Nutrisystem doesn’t provide these.

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